To make sure people are home, the Penguins have to spoil the surprise to some extent by calling ahead after they randomly pick several season-ticket holders for the special deliveries, although the recipients don’t know which player is coming.

It has become common for parents to pull their children out of school for the chance to hang out with a Penguins player. With the kids, Crosby is particularly attentive.

He told the Bianchin brood, ‘I love going to the rink. Still do.’

Crosby seemed delighted that the three youngest of the family’s four children — all three of them boys — had been or are Little Penguins, a learn-to-play program that bears Crosby’s name, is partly sponsored by him, and provides all equipment and lessons.

Seven-year-old Tyler Bianchin took the initiative and shyly asked Crosby if he wanted to play hockey in the driveway. Of course he did. Crosby is hockey’s most famous center, but when he’s playing with kids — or pickup hockey with his longtime buddies, as he did when he took the Stanley Cup home to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, in 2009 — he prefers to play goalie, the position his father, Troy, played.

He began to maneuver for that spot Monday: ‘Who usually plays goalie? Want me to play goalie?’ He was rebuffed by one of the boys because they wanted to see him shoot, but in no time Crosby had successfully but nicely cajoled his way into the net — after making sure the boys would be shooting balls, not hard pucks.

'They're pretty oblivious,' Reuben Bianchin said of the scene. 'Probably, I don't know how many years from now, when they look back on it, they're going to be blown away.'

- 'C'mon in for a visit, Sidney Crosby' [x] (via exemplaryetoile)

Season Ticket Delivery (15 September 2014)

9/15/2014 Sidney Crosby made a special visit to the Bianchin family home to deliver their Pittsburgh Penguin season tickets


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